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RAMSOL Recruitment firm is proud to partner with our Premium Client to help them build a Person with Disability workforce. Our client is committed to hiring and supporting individuals with disabilities, and they are currently seeking qualified candidates for a variety of positions. If you are a person with a disability and are looking for a rewarding career opportunity with a supportive employer, we encourage you to apply in the link below. Together with our Client, RAMSOL is supporting Hires that Truly Matter.

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If you are not able to fill this form immediately whatsapp to 9150019742


I really had to appreciate the Research Associate’s effort of amazing follow up for 3 months with the candidate. To be honest I didn’t get a chance to call him in these 3 months but I was continuously getting updates from the Research Associate regarding the joining. Being a recruiter I know it is so difficult to engage the candidate for so long and also updating the client timely. I may not have given much closure to you guys but happy to see that even one closure your team took it important.

I thank the Research Associate for the great efforts. Now would request you please help me in closing VP FC position

You have done a fantastic job of finding a good candidate (who could clear all 3 rounds of complex technical discussions with us)

so quickly, which many super experienced recruiters were finding it very hard.

Thank you for your help and support, we really appreciate your efforts.

Am impressed!!! Good luck!

"I really don’t know how to describe this but honestly amazing work. You gave me 2 strong profiles for this role and out of which 1 has got shortlisted.

Excellent work. Very strong profile. Keep it up. We never thought we will be able to close an AVP for this.

I really have to thank you for always giving us the wonderful support from your team."

You are doing a very good job !!

Keep it up and ensure the candidate joins successful – follow up with him – we have shared him the emails to action – we would like to have him onboard on Oct 22.

Do follow the same drill as for her(other candidate) and follow up religiously."

Your Support is Much Appreciated!

I would definitely like to Appreciate your constant follow ups with him to keep him active and the efforts you have put to make him join. I also like to mention that every select from Ramsol has been handle very well from Documents collection to offer acceptance to Joining. Even if there are any Drop outs immediate back are been created. Your work is remarkable.

A big “Thank You” for all your support and Hope you continue to keep up the Good Work