About our strengths

Established in 2004, RAMSOL PVT LTD., (Resource Access Management Solutions Pvt Ltd) is a niche skill recruitment firm that helps business across the industry to accelerate candidate selection process. The key is to have our business strategies aligned with our client requirements. Passion towards technology understanding and innovation in manpower sourcing enables RAMSOL Recruitment consultants team to deliver results on time with relentless emphasis on quality on all skill areas as required by our clients.

The 7 traits of ‘Resilience’, ‘Self-Reliance’, ‘Curiosity/Acumen’, ‘Compatibility’, ‘Efficiency’, ‘Desire to Learn’ and ‘Judgement’ are a pervasive part of our organization. We are a customer centric, lean, and agile disruptive organization. We invest on People who work towards becoming product leaders with technical competence, constant reskilling and adaptation to upcoming change.

We understand technology is fast changing and embrace it by adapting to mobile and cloud based platforms. Our strategic rationale in RAMSOL is to have unique practices, providing a smart, faster, reliable connected experience enabling quality hiring by our Clients.

Recruitment Consultants

We understand our Clients are always expecting something innovative in reaching out to passive candidates and are not merely interested in the size of the recruitment firm alone. But, they are watchful if the recruitment consultants understand what their priorities are, and that is where precisely lies RAMSOL focus areas. We strongly believe a few massive brains can create expected revenues and not just more headcounts. We look at the new areas of a client’s business and segments where most other recruitment firms do not have a presence. That’s where we enter creating a foot print and scale up.

We have set ourselves a goal that in a span of another five years, 25 per cent of business will come from our own IPs (intellectual property) on unique products that cater to holistic solutions and not partly.