Key Areas of Recruitment

Our Niche Skill Recruitment caters to the needs of key Industries such as …

IT -(Information Technology)
We help the companies find basic level programmers who can catch up with minimum training and, skilled programmers who are addicted to reading and writing codes. Architects who make the networking dreams into reality and developers who can make you see what you have imagined are perfect hires based on the niche. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc., are IT niche which we can quickly find.
Pharmaceutical industry is in most need of Statisticians and Research Scientist who can make a difference to their organization with their expertise. Mammalian Cell Culture, Upstream / Downstream Process Development, DP Development, Analytical Development etc., are high profile vacancies that are covered by us.
No communication is complete today without telecommunication, which has truly made the world a small place to live in. Weget our Clients, the best Wi-Fi Testing, Tools, DT, Firmware and Fault Diagnostic Engineers.
Manufacturing industry is one that will never run out of steam and to do so factories need the best Quality and Distribution Managers along with the right Manufacturing and Process Engineers. We hire the most suited ones for your line of business.
Banking and Finance industry is one of the fastest growing industries in today’s world. We provide you with efficient Auditors and successful financial controllers in addition to Risk Management, TAM, Security and IMD.
People in the energy industry have to be responsible and talented individuals as their action will make or break a complete series of other actions that follow. Hire with our support, suitable design engineers, control engineers and hardware designers. The Recruiters at RAMSOL are talent acquisition specialists in renewable energy.
Customer Service Managers are a much desired profile for the FMCG industry in addition to infrastructure Architects, security and team management personnel. Our database covers profiles of this calibre.
Media connects people from all over and helps to make us more knowledgeable by giving us information. We hire Digital Marketing Specialists, Brand Managers and SEO Specialists and Managers making it easy for our Clients to
focus on what’s making NEWS.