Our Organization

Every interaction that happens at RAMSOL is significant

Rooted in the visionary leadership of Mr. Balaji Ramaswamy and Mr. Kumar Ganesan, RAMSOL's organizational culture is built upon transparency, collaboration, and a shared commitment to innovate.
RAMSOL values and belief are on the basis that a vendor-client relationship is emboldened when the client doesn’t see a third party/outsider(vendor) while sharing mandate or delegating work, but feels the vendor SPOC as his own company colleague and no different.
We, at RAMSOL, are the mediators of the technological era. We take pride in introducing the best job seekers to our Clients through a candidate profile screening powered by the latest search techniques. Companies prefer working with niche skill Recruiters who can effortlessly find the most suitable candidate. We help companies hire candidates quickly, efficiently and with ease so that you can go on creating a difference in the world.

Our Vision / Mission

RAMSOL has transformed itself into a Leadership and HR tech firm in recent years from being a pure play recruitment service company. Our vision is to meaningfully impact the hiring process and provide simple and deep solutions and services to our clients.